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About Zinathi

       from a dream to reality...       

Zinathi International was founded in 2019 with the aim of helping people to achieve their God-given purpose with beauty and confidence. At Zinathi International, we believe that beauty starts on the inside and how you feel about yourself will affect your self-confidence and the drive with which you pursue your passions and talents.

We want to assist you in feeling self-confident about the way you look and to help you see your ideal self when looking in the mirror. Whether you purchase Hypoallergenic Products or Glutathione Products, your skin care needs are our priority.


A little about the products…

The Hypoallergenic Range was developed in response to the need for more natural and organic skin care products. It contains natural essential oils and hypoallergenic soaps and base creams to ensure the best results without the unnecessary struggles often associated with using regular skin care products. (No added preservatives or fragrance to reduce the chance of having an allergic reaction.)

The Glutathione Range was developed in response to the need for products that creates a glowing skin tone without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Although we do not manufacture the Glutathione Range ourselves, we have taken the utmost care to ensure that we purchase products that meet the legal and safety standards of South Africa. Our suppliers have assured us that none of the products in the Glutathione Range contains Hydroquinone (Benzenediol) or any other banned substances.

In summary, we want to assist people in gaining their self-confidence, increasing their self-acceptance and embracing the person they were destined to be.

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